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  No. 31  -  December 2014
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Dominique Campana

Director of International Affairs at ADEME

Promoting innovation on an international scale

Innovation and international development often go hand in hand. According to an EU study published in October 2014, 64% of exporting firms developed innovations between 2010 and 2012, versus 43% among their non-exporting counterparts. Initiatives to support business innovation have expanded in recent years, with, in particular, at a European level, the Horizon 2020 framework programme, which has a total budget of nearly €80 billion for 2014-2020. In France, the Investments for the Future Programme (Programme des Investissements d’Avenir) helps, for example, structure and drive forward innovative sectors, particularly ecobusiness, a field that represents 12,000 companies and over 446,000 jobs. Green French companies have also found success abroad. For instance, the export revenues of companies belonging to Club ADEME International – a network of 130 SMEs and mid-cap companies in the ecotechnology sector – have grown by an average of 20% between 2010 and 2014. These products and services will be showcased at the Pollutec 2014 trade show, which will be held from 2 to 5 December in Lyon, France. Pollutec provides a forum for specialists from across the globe to discuss innovative practices and their experiences in areas such as urban sustainability and sustainable industry. With a year to go before the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the event will also serve as a rallying point for economic stakeholders in the fight against climate change. /