international newsletter
  No. 30  -  October 2014
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Bruno Lechevin

President of ADEME

The energy transition is underway

France has committed to a new energy model, a long process initiated following lengthy democratic discussions and finalised in a draft bill on the energy transition. The aim is to put our society on the road to achieving the “factor 4 by 2050”, which, in ADEME’s scenarios, means a 50% drop in energy consumption and the massive rollout of renewable energies in French regions. As a result, this bill takes its cue from the regions, reassures them that they are on the right track, and deploys best practices across the board. ADEME is attentive to the ambitious targets that will be set in the final Act when it is passed, but also the measures liable to create the conditions needed to generate action in our regions and the adoption of the energy transition at all levels. We will need to revisit our governance models to ensure more balanced participation of all public and private stakeholders in supply and demand. The future Act is also central to the energy transition. It will therefore need to come with an action and mobilisation plan and complete other legislative texts, such as those concerning decentralisation and the draft budget. Environmental taxation will have to be one of the drivers for the energy transition while being synonymous with a double economic and ecological payback. /