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  No. 24  -  February 2013
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Energy efficiency

Review of four years’ cooperation in India


In 2008, the partnership with the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was stepped up. It led to the creation of tools and the rollout of concrete measures.

With 5.2% growth in 2012 and a population of over 1.2 billion, India, the fifth largest consumer of primary energy in the world, has very real energy needs. "Power cuts are still very widespread and the energy deficit is estimated at 10%", points out Robert Angioletti, Energy Expert at ADEME, seconded to New Delhi for four years to implement this cooperation programme with the support of the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and the AFD (French Development Agency). "The environmental stakes are all the higher given that coal is used to generate 63% of electricity in India. As a result, one kWh saved in India reduces CO2 emissions by ten times as much as one kWh saved in France."

"The benefits from the cooperation were all the greater given the Indians’ level of motivation. For example, in just one decade, they have managed to implement a series of measures to structure their energy market that it took us almost 25 years in France: energy label, building regulations, mandatory energy savings imposed on heavy industrial consumers, etc." The cooperation was an opportunity to work with the BEE teams as they implemented policies, and to exchange best practices (energy audits, standardising energy efficiency in buildings, regional environmental and energy approaches, capitalising on French experience and the offer of products and services), to help establish the Energy Information Centres (EIC), and even to assist energy distributors in managing electricity demand via an Internet portal. In the past two years, work with the AFD and BEE focussed in particular on identifying large-scale investment projects in the Indian building and SMI sectors. For the years 2012 to 2020, the construction industry will average 830 million square meters of floor space a year. Electricity consumption is expected to double in the residential sector and to increase fivefold in tertiary sector buildings by 2021. "It is therefore important to continue the work started with the BEE to hone an understanding of this market, identify the key players and develop programmes to improve energy efficiency", adds Aurélie Bernard, Asia Mission Manager at ADEME. With regard to Indian SMIs, the aim is to organise experience transfers between centres of excellence in France and MSMEs (micro small and medium enterprises) in India to identify potential energy savings, develop best practices and encourage the introduction of services and technology that have already proven successful in France. Energy, buildings, etc. in this rapid growth country, there are as many challenges as there are growth opportunities for French companies.